Cooling It! No Hair Shirt Solutions to Global Warming

by Gar W. Lipow

About the Author

What qualified you to write this book?

The realistic skill set to compile this information is journalistic research ability, a technical background sufficient to separate working technology from hype, and business knowledge to filter out overpriced devices, and firms with poor business cases.

I learned subject research as research director for the noted Southern California public affairs program Background Briefing hosted by Ian Masters. In a second career as a systems analyst, I did scientific, engineering, accounting and financial programming- which required a degree of mastery of the fields automated – and purchasing for a continent-spanning Wide Area Network as well.

Journalistic skill from the first career provided the ability to pick out candidate technologies for evaluation. Technical and business skills allowed a second cut– rejecting most of the candidates. The final step was always to check with experts, whom research skills let me find. But having the ability to reject a large number of candidate solutions kept the number of experts contacted manageable. Someone who was only a journalist, who lacked a technical and business background, simply would not have been able to evaluate and filter out enough possibilities on their own to make this a feasible project. A largely technical person would have lacked the journalistic skills to produce that first “cut”.

Is there some way to phrase this so it can be placed on a dust jacket to help sell the book?

“Gar Lipow, a long time environmental activist and journalist with a strong technical background has spent years immersed in the subject of efficiency and renewable energy.”